The World Walkabout fare -  
Travel round the world combining flights with Qantas, British Airways, Emirates, American Airlines and Lan Chile.
This fare brings you up to seven stopovers worldwide. Choose destinations from the Middle East, Far East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, South America and the USA.
Three fare levels are available - one with a maximum mileage of 25,000 and two higher fare offering a 27,000 and 29,000. 

Qantas Airways British Airways

25,000 miles, 4 stops - The Saver Fare
27,000 miles, 5 stops - The Saver Plus Fare
29,000 miles, 7 stops - The Flex Fare

The fares shown in the table below are based on the following example 25,000 miles Itinerary
UK-Los Angeles-Sydney-Singapore-Dubai-UK 
These fares are given just to show the difference in the base
fare for the various departure dates - if you are able to be flexible with your leaving date there can be a considerable saving in the overall fare.
Please note that taxes may vary depending on destinations taken as stopovers and correct tax will be calculated at time of booking.

Depart UK on these dates
from London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester,
Newcastle, Birmingham or Glasgow
Example Itinerary
London-Los Angeles-Sydney-Singapore-Dubai-London 
Base fare Taxes & Fuel surcharges* Total
1 January to 
15 January 
1097 603 1700
16 January to 
19 April 
885 603 1488
20 April to 
30 June 
726 603 1329
 1 July to 
15 July 
1097 603 1700
16 July to 
10 August 
1415 603 2018
11 August to 
30 November 
885 603 1488
1 December to 
9 December 
1097 603 1700
10 December to 
23 December
1415 603 2018
24 December to 
31 December 
1097 603 1700

Please see below for a selection of example Itineraries and costings - but why not contact us so that one of our experts can help you plan your trip and make sure you get the best deal.

  • Your ticket can be valid for a maximum stay of up to one year
  • This ticket must be Round the World but may start in either direction 
             i.e   UK - USA - Hawaii - New Zealand - Australia - Far East - Middle East- UK 

  • The World Walkabout fare allows up to 4, 5 or 7 stopovers including your destination in Australia. Add 55 for an extra stopover in New Zealand if required. If you require or would like to have additional flights within Australia or New Zealand see  The Walkabout Pass

    In addition to Australia and New Zealand other worldwide destinations can be chosen depending on the fare level paid :-

    Middle East - Dubai

    Far East
    - Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Saigon, Jakarta, Phuket.
    In addition the Saver Plus Fare offers Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Colombo, Mumbai, Delhi.
    OR - The Flex Fare offers Tokyo, Manila, Osaka, Canton.

    Africa - Cairo, Entebbe, Lagos, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Nairobi

    Australia - Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide. Other destinations are available and would require purchasing a  Walkabout Pass
    New Zealand - Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Queenstown (add on 55 return)

    United States - Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Miami, Boston, Chicago, Washington, Las Vegas, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Denver, Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Austin, Raleigh Durham.

    Canada - Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

    South America - Flex Fare only - Buenos Aires, Rio, Sao Paulo.

    Caribbean and Mexico - Saver and Flex Fares only - Nassau, Antigua, Bermuda, Barbados, Kingston, St Lucia, Mexico City, Cancun.

    Please note - to get between certain cities on the above stopover list an overland journey or an additional ticket may be required.

    See below for some example routings -  but there are many to choose from!  
  • Fares shown are from London Heathrow, Manchester, Newcastle  Birmingham. , or Glasgow.

    - Regional Departures are available - you can travel on British Airways to London 
     from - Aberdeen or Jersey for an additional 15 return
     or from Belfast or Leeds for an additional 110 return or from the Isle of Man for 65.

  • Children (2-11) pay 75% of adult fare
    Infants (Under 2) pay 10% 


"World Walkabout Fare"  
Here are some example itineraries - there are many more available

SAVER FARE - Maximum 25,000 miles - 4 Stops
Itinerary Fare
(incl Taxes)
London-Los Angeles-Sydney-Singapore-Dubai-London 1329
London-Los Angeles-Sydney-Hong Kong-Dubai-London 1401
London-Vancouver-surface Los Angeles-Brisbane-Singapore-Dubai-London 1377
London-Dubai-Phuket-Surface to Bangkok-Sydney-Los Angeles-London 1381
London-Dubai(Transit)-Ho Chi Minh City-Surface to Singapore-Perth-Surface to Sydney-Los Angeles-London 1380

SAVER PLUS FARE - Maximum 27,000 miles - 5 Stops

One direct flight between USA, Canada, Caribbean plus Africa
Itinerary Fare
(incl Taxes)
London-New York-Los Angeles-Melbourne-Hong Kong-Dubai-London 1571
London-Dubai-Mumbai-Surface to Singapore-Sydney-Honolulu-Los Angeles-London 1573
London-Toronto-Los Angeles-Melbourne-Kuala Lumpur-Surface to Phuket-Dubai-London 1606
London-Antigua-New York-Surface to Los Angeles-Brisbane-Hong Kong-Dubai-London 1587
London-Cape Town-Surface to Johannesburg-Perth-Surface to Brisbane-Los Angeles-London 1596

FLEX FARE - Maximum 29,000 miles - 7 Stops

Two direct flights within/between Americas plus Africa plus limited flights within Asia
Itinerary Fare
(incl Taxes)
London-Miami-Santiago-Auckland-Sydney-Singapore-Colombo-Dubai-London 2006
London-Dubai-Delhi-Surface to Mumbai-Singapore-Surface to Hong Kong-Brisbane-Surface to Sydney-Los Angeles-New York-London 1925
London-Boston-Los Angeles-Honolulu-Sydney-Surface to Perth-Singapore-Mumbai-London 1926
London-Miami-Lima-Santiago-Auckland-Melbourne-Kuala Lumpur- Surface to Phuket-Dubai-London 1918
London-Johannesburg-Perth-Sydney-Auckland-Santiago-Buenos Aires-London 1932
London-Dubai-Tokyo-Sydney-Honolulu-Los Angeles-Las Vegas-London 1882
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